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Before cutting and hanging wallpaper, please ensure that all rolls have the same batch reference, and have no faults such as no shade variation and other faults.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the wallpaper for flaws when the buyer receive it and hang it.  

If the product is defective in any way or has a fault or incorrect against the order, please contact us immediately by email (with photos of product attached would be great).  

We will accept returns of unopened, undamaged wallpaper within 14 days of purchase, including a copy of your receipt.  The returned products must be returned in its original packaging.  No claim can be accepted for the wallpaper that is defective or has a fault after it was cut and/or hung.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the environment is suitable for wallpaper installation, and the wall is prepared and primed before the installation of wallpaper.  However, we suggest a professional installer or decorator is engaged for wallpaper installation.